Our Story

As a practicing Physical Therapist, Dr. Al Peraza has treated many physically challenged patients who expressed concerns about their inability to get up after a fall. Dr. Peraza would use boxes and stacked aerobic steps to assist and train patients about safe ways to get up from the floor. But finding boxes of the correct height took time away from patient care, and often the boxes were not sufficiently stable. A fall recovery device was needed.

This situation was frustrating to Dr. Peraza and his patients alike. The idea for the ResQUp evolved from the specific plight of one of Dr. Peraza’s geriatric patients. The patient knew he was at risk of falling and was aware he would not have the strength to get up on his own to a seated position. And he didn’t want his wife to hurt herself in attempting to assist him up. Further his personal dignity would not allow him to rely on 911 services that would result in the police, ambulance, or fire truck responding to a non-traumatic fall.

Subsequently, Dr. Peraza researched equipment resources and consulted with several highly experienced clinicians but found no useful or practical tools that met his patients’ needs for help getting up from the floor after a fall. He then developed the ResQUp concept and made the first working prototype available for use in demonstrations. Since then, with professional input and clinical testing, the product has been reworked and refined to its present form. The ResQUp is intended for the specific purpose of assisting a fallen individual up from the floor to a seated or standing position.

The simple solutions following a non-injurious fall.

Fall Recovery

Increase your strength, balance, and range of motion.

Fall Prevention

Test yourself and determine if you are at risk of falling.

Fall Assessment

Reduce caregiver injuries due to lifting patients.

Safe Patient Handling