About The ResQUp®

About the ResQUp

The ResQUp fall recovery device originated from a specific concern that was directed to Dr. Peraza in the course of his patient care duties about how to raise fallen patients from the floor to chair level. Extensive research, demonstrations of the prototype ResQUp and discussions with other professional physical therapists and caregivers confirmed the need for such a fall recovery device. Patients need a way to help themselves, and caregivers need tools for safe patient handling that help mitigate physical injuries to them when assisting patients.

The ResQUp (pronounced: “rescue up”) is Made in America from recyclable materials and is listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class 1 Medical Device. Safe Patient Solutions is a Veteran-owned small business registered with the FDA and pays annual user fees.

ResQUp Methods for Use

The ResQUp is intended for the specific purpose of making it possible for an individual to negotiate their way up to a chair height (generally ~18 inches). One of three methods usually works for most people. All three methods require minimal or no additional assistance from a caregiver. Please test your upper body strength to insure you have sufficient upper body strength to lift yourself a height of 4½“ to the first level to avoid  an unnecessary purchase. If you are unable to lift yourself, you will need additional assistance from a caregiver.

Methods for Use Illustrated

Consult a physical therapist or qualified healthcare professional if you have any questions about whether the ResQUp is an appropriate device for you to use.

Pushing themselves up using their hands

Pushing themselves up using their elbows and legs

Climbing up on their hands and knees

Improper Uses
  • The ResQUp SHOULD NOT be utilized if the fallen individual reports pain or if any injury is suspected. The ResQUp is designed to assist those with a NON-TRAUMATIC fall only.
  • If any injury to the fallen is suspected, call 911 at the in-home setting. At the healthcare setting, the fallen should be attended and assessed per the facility’s healthcare policy or procedure.
  • The ResQUp IS NOT intended to be used as a foot stool, or to be stood upon. Doing so may result in a fall and injury.
  • The maximum patient weight limit of the is 300 lbs. Exceeding this limit may cause collapse of the unit and possible injury.