Fall Recovery

The Simple Solution After a Fall

Do-It-Yourself Fall Recovery

The Pendleton Centers of Yabapai Regional Medical Center purchased the ResQUp to use in our facilities. It is useful, innovative device because it respects our clients independence which at the same time protects the client and staff from injuries while assisting clients who have falled or who need a little extra help getting up from the floor after exercising.

A. Klein, Director of Preventive Medicine and Wellness

My Mom loves it. One of her grandkids helps her use it for practice and she immediately had some confidence come back. She repeatedly thanks me and tells us she doesn’t worry about falling anymore. This has been a god send to my family and gives us piece of mind. We cannot THANK YOU enough. I do not understand why rehab centers and nursing homes don’t have such a device. For the cost of this, it was worth every penny.

L. Hackett

…it is perfect in every way, even better than I could have expected. Amazingly lightweight, expertly designed and constructed in every detail, sturdy yet easy to handle. I was able to use it successfully on my very first try, and much more so since. Needless to add, I shall not be returning my ResQUp to you. It has rapidly become – and will remain – a very important possession for the rest of my life.

A. Eipper

My 82 year old mother who cannot get up after a fall and has to call for help to get back on her feet, lived her life for the last few years in fear. She really hated to call for help. I searched for long time for a device that would give her the ability to get up independently, and finally found the ResQUp. My mother tried it out she thanks the creators of the device for thinking of people like her.


The ResQUp has become a valuable tool when I do work around my house. Being in a wheelchair one of the challenges when you transfer to the ground onto a smooth surface is not having your feet slip from underneath you when you’re trying to transfer back up. The ResQUp has eliminated this as a problem. Now when I’m done working from the floor all I need to do is pull up my ResQUp. Open it, transfer to the first then to the second and the third step and then into my chair. No longer needing to worry if my feet are slipping underneath me and fearing that I will fall. I highly recommend this tool for active wheelchair users you won’t regret it!

S. Sanchez
Fall Recovery

Independence & Dignity Reclaimed

The ResQUp (“rescue-up”) helps Veterans, youths, adults, the elderly, and disabled persons to safely and simply get up from the floor to a seated or standing position after a fall. Using the ResQUp requires adequate upper-body strength and should only be used after a non-injurious fall.

Fall Recovery

No Caregiver Lifting Required

The ResQUp helps people actively participate in their own fall recovery. It is truly a Do-It-Yourself way to get up from the floor. The ResQUp can be used in conjunction with canes, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, and hospital-style beds.

Fall Recovery

Not For All Who Fall

Users must have some hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder strength to use the ResQUp.

Click to play: 3 ways to use ResQUp

Personal Mobility Increased

The ResQUp helps people get down to the floor and up again when playing with children, caring for pets, exercising on the floor, reaching low-lying storage areas, working on floor-level projects, and even when leaving home on road trips.

Always Ready When Needed

The ResQUp is lightweight (only 15 lbs) yet supports up to 350 lbs. It is easy to carry and move when and where needed. The ResQUp is compact and folds into itself for storage and requires No assembly, No electrical power, and No batteries.

Fall Recovery

Physical and Occupational Therapy

The ResQUp is a valuable therapeutic exercise tool for use in-clinic or in-home that helps build upper body strength, balance, and range of motion.

Fall Recovery

No More Emergency Calls

The ResQUp helps patients and their caregivers avoid embarrassment, long wait times, and expense of emergency service calls when falls do not result in injuries.

See the video of actual customer using the ResQUp to avoid that call

Fall Recovery


The ResQUp is a Class 1 Medical Device made in America by Safe Patient Solutions, LLC, a certified Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business and SBA Small Disadvantaged Business.

The ResQUp is listed with the FDA as a Class 1 Transfer Aid.