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In the Physical Therapy profession, we utilize many different types of tests to obtain useful information to assist us in our patients’ plan of care. There are many tests that can assess balance, walking speed, leg strength, or endurance.

Step Test that is quick to perform, provide me useful information, and require minimal equipment are my favorite. My favorite test to assess a persons’ endurance, is the “The 2 Minute Step Test”.

When a Physical Therapist administers the “The 2 Minute Step Test” accurately, the following criteria are met:

  • The individual is not allowed to touch a wall, chair, or other object.
  • The individual should raise their feet high enough that the knee reaches a height somewhere between the knee level when standing and that of the tip of the pelvis.
  • Each time the RIGHT knee is raised, it is counted as a repetition.
  • The individual is allowed to move forward, back, or to the side as long as they do not lose their balance or touch an object to steady themselves.

Normative Range Scores









FEMALE75-10773-10768-10168-10060-9055-85 44-72

By looking at the above normative values for each age group, it becomes clear that the number of steps decreases for each age group. I often encourage my patients who have noted difficulties with their physical endurance, to perform a daily routine to improve their endurance. At the home, an individual may perform the “The 2 Minute Step Test” as an exercise routine. For safety, the test may be performed next to a counter, and individual may use a small step to ensure they do pick up their feet adequately. I have found it very helpful to document your progress, counting the number of steps you take in 2 minutes (remember to count every time you raise your right leg). My patients are often excited and pleased to see the number of repetitions increase over the weeks of their physical therapy sessions. I’m certain you will be excited tracking your endurance improvements.

Improving your endurance is very important! We all need endurance to perform simple daily activities such as:

  • Being able to cross the street before the light turns red
  • Getting to the bathroom for urinary continence
  • Reaching the back of the grocery store where the most essential items are kept

The ResQUp has multiple levels that may be utilized for endurance training, such as the “The 2 Minute Step Test”. The ResQUp has the advantage of a lower 4 1/2-inch level to start with, and then the middle level at 9-inch height that may be utilized as you are able to lift your feet higher (never stand or place both feet on the ResQUp for safety).

I do wish everyone much success with improving your physical endurance. Do not hesitate to seek the advice or assistance of a licensed Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physician, or other qualified healthcare provider, should you have any questions regarding your physical abilities or use of the ResQUp.

The ResQUp is a fall prevention and fall recovery device for seniors. It can also support a number of balance exercises for seniors that help reduce fall risk. The ResQUp is also designed to meet the interprofessional standards for safe patient handling.

The ResQUp

ResQUp - A recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall

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ResQUp - A recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall