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Safe Patient Solutions, LLC, manufactures the ResQUp and drop ships wholesale orders directly to retail customers of ecommerce distributors, distributor warehouses, and health care facilities — including the Veterans Administration in all 50 states and US territories. The ResQUp is a versatile patient lift that complements established fall management programs in hospitals, PT/OT clinics, adult care facilities, and in-home settings.

Our business strategy markets the ResQUp to retailers and distributors who sell durable medical equipment to physical and occupational therapists, caregivers, and other professionals seeking fall management solutions that help their patients live independently.

We recommend that you consult the GSA eLibrary under 65IIA, category A-76 Lifts, Patient Equipment for Hospital and Home Use if you wish to add us to your Federal Supply Schedule.

Please use the contact form for dealer and distributor inquiries if you wish to sell the ResQUp to the Veterans Administration, the Red Cross, and Indian Health Services domestically and internationally. See below for other useful information about Safe Patient Solutions per our SAM registration.

Please use the contact form for dealer and distributor inquiries.

Primary NAICS423450 – Medical, Dental, And Hospital Equipment And Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

Origin of The ResQUp

The idea for the ResQUp evolved from the plight of one patient. The patient knew he was at risk of falling and was aware he would not have the strength to get up on his own to a seated position. He didn’t want his wife to hurt herself attempting to assist him up. His personal dignity would not allow him to rely on 911 services that would result in the police, ambulance, or fire truck responding to a non-traumatic fall.

After consulting with several highly experienced clinicians we found no useful or practical tools that met these patients’ needs for help getting up from the floor after a fall. Safe Patient Solutions developed the ResQUp concept and made the first working prototype with professional input and clinical testing. The product has since been reworked and refined to its present form.