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Balance ExercisesElderly falls are unfortunately much too common. It’s estimated one in three seniors will fall each year according to the US CDC. Maintaining good balance is an excellent way to lessen your chance of falling.

The following balance exercises for seniors will help improve your overall balance:

  • Strengthen your legs by using your body weight as resistance. Perform repetitions of sit to stand. You do not want to rely on your arms to get up from a chair or commode, relying on your arms to stand is a sign of leg weakness.
  • Shift your body weight – While standing at a counter, take a step to your right and left. Do so in a smooth manner. Keep your upper body upright, don’t lean your upper body to the side. Exercises such as Tai-Chi are an excellent way to improve your balance. You may also try taking steps forward and backwards slow and steady motions. With your feet shoulder width apart, you can move your body weight toward your heels and then your toes.
  • Narrow your base of support by standing with your feet closer together. Always make sure you have something steady nearby should you lose your balance. You can progress by having your feet placed closer to a heel to toe position.
  • Stand on a softer surface – You can buy foam products of various densities. Standing on surfaces that have some give makes your foot and ankle muscles work harder. Some seniors have problems walking on gravel, sand, or lawns. Ensure you have something sturdy to hold if you practice standing on a foam pad.
  • Moving your head when standing. Fix your eyes on a target and try to keep the target in focus while moving your head. You can move your head in various directions, such as up and down, or right and left. If you have difficulties keeping your balance when moving your head, you may be at a greater risk of a fall.

These balance exercises are just a few suggestions to help improve your stability. Consult a qualified medical professional if you have a concern with your balance. Physical Therapists are specialist in the area of improving balance problems.

The ResQUp is a fall prevention and fall recovery device for seniors. It can also support a number of balance exercises for seniors that help reduce fall risk. The ResQUp is also designed to meet the interprofessional standards for safe patient handling.

The ResQUp

ResQUp - A recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall

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ResQUp - A recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall