12 01, 2024

Senior Falls

January 12th, 2024|

In the United States, more than 1/3 of adults 65 and older fall each year. About 5.8 million people in this age group fell at least once during a recent 3-month period. Besides injuries caused by elderly falls, the simple fear of falling can impact the lives of seniors by causing a reduction in their level of activity.

9 01, 2024

Parkinsons Support Group

January 9th, 2024|

I was recently invited to speak to the Prescott Support Group that meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month at a local church. The group comprised approximately 40 individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers who traveled from all over Yavapai County to attend.

9 01, 2024

Falls And Injuries: The Need For A Portable Patient Lift

January 9th, 2024|

The statistics say it all. In the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the fall rate for adults 65 and older is one out of every three. The results can be serious – from minor bruises to hip fractures to trauma to the head.

4 01, 2024

Fall Recovery Device

January 4th, 2024|

I’m very encouraged whenever I hear from people who contact me after they purchase or learn of the ResQUp as a floor recovery device. Very recently I spoke to an elderly gentleman from Mesa, AZ, who wanted to know why the ResQUp is not made available to his community of elderly people?

15 12, 2023

Is the ResQUp right for you?

December 15th, 2023|

At Safe Patient Solutions, we want you to be successful in getting up from the floor to a seat, walker, bed, or wheelchair, if the situation ever occurs. Successfully getting up from the floor using a mobility device like the ResQUp often requires assessment of your physical abilities. For example; You will need enough strength in your arms and legs to push or lift your body up 4½ inches from the floor to the first level and the subsequent 2 levels. If you do not have the strength to raise yourself up 4½ inches, you may want to consider strengthening your upper/lower extremities. A Physical Therapist is often the most qualified

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