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In the United States, more than 1/3 of adults 65 and older fall each year. The risk of falling is not limited to seniors. Falling impacts people with balance problems, gait disorders, cognitive impairment among others to include our disabled Veterans. Besides injuries caused by falls, the simple fear of falling can impact the lives of people by causing a reduction in their level of activity. This in turn leads to a decline in mobility and physical fitness, which can increase the actual risk of another fall.

Caregivers, be they professionals or family members, can also be greatly affected by this problem. They are often unable to physically assist the fallen person without danger of injury to themselves – therefore safe patient handling practices must be adhered to. Anticipation of another fall may make a caregiver reluctant to allow any independence to the person who falls, which can diminish the quality of life of that person.

Falls account for many injuries and even deaths, and the risk can be significantly reduced by using fall prevention practices or implementing a fall prevention program using a floor recovery mobility aid such as the ResQUp. In the US, millions of people fall every year for a variety of reasons. One reason is the medications people take may make them dizzy or drowsy. Additionally, a lack of muscle tone and stamina that accompanies age can cause poor balance. Poor eyesight, dimly lit hallways, bathrooms, and stairwells are also big causes of falls.

floor recovery mobility aidExperiencing a fall can result in a lack of confidence about being able to get up again. The ResQUp is a floor recovery mobility aid that allows one to get up off the floor with no or minimum assistance. This is a key benefit because other people in the home or therapy environment may not be able to physically lift the patient. NIOSH guidelines state that caregivers, for their own health and safety, should not lift more than 35 pounds.

The ResQUp

ResQUp - A recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall

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ResQUp - A recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall