A caregiver’s job is rewarding but there is also the risk of getting injured while handling patients and performing other tasks in the client’s home. One thing you can do to reduce injuries is to use medical lifting devices such as the sling lift to transport the patient from the wheelchair to the bed and vice versa. When you lift a patient or medical equipment you should do it while bending your knees and standing up tall because it reduces chances of getting back pain or injuries. Another idea is to buy braces for your back and take a break periodically during the day.

Move Objects Out of Walkways
Another thing you should do to avoid injuries for yourself and patients is to remove items that block walkways in the home so that no one will trip and fall. Stack some of the objects in a vertical way against the wall and organize other items inside the closet. If there are wires on the floor you should remove them and put them elsewhere to keep the home safe.

Follow Your Facility’s Instructions

It also helps if you follow the facility’s instructions regarding safety when handling the patients. If your facility has set rules on how you should transport, lift, feed or bathe patients you should pay close attention to the rules to avoid injuries and to stay out of trouble with the management. If you’re unclear about the instructions, ask for clarity.

Bathroom Safety Is A Must

If you’re a caregiver in the home, you need to make the bathroom a safe place for you and the patient. Install a shower rail inside the tub and put a slip resistant shower mat inside the tub. If there is water on the bathroom floor, mop it off immediately and then dry it thoroughly with a large towel. Let the floor dry by itself for forty five minutes before bringing the patient to the bathroom.

Caregivers sometimes experience injuries and it is also a problem for the patients. The key is to have proper safety measures in the facility or home so that you will remain safe and be able to continue your work. Read some books on nursing safety and talk with other caregivers to get safety advice from them. Communicate often with the patient to ensure that you are making them feel comfortable while receiving care. Finally, enjoy the rewards you receive from caring for your patients.