I was recently invited to speak to the Prescott Parkinsons Support Group that meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month at a local church. The group comprised approximately 40 individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers who traveled from all over Yavapai County to attend.
I had the opportunity to speak to the receptive group on the topics of:

  • The hazards associated with lifting and transferring those with mobility limitations.
  • The importance of exercise in reducing the risk of falls.
  • Demonstrating the ResQUp as an exercise and fall recovery tool.

After my presentation, several of those in attendance requested an opportunity to trial the ResQUp. I was so very pleased to see all those requesting a trial were able to get themselves to the floor, and then back up to a standard height chair! I provided very similar instructions those who were interested in practicing getting to the floor and floor recovery back to the chair. I advised each individual how to comfortably move themselves from a chair to the top level of the ResQUp and then back to the chair as a starting exercise activity. I then advised each individual how to incrementally work themselves down each level until they became comfortable getting to the floor and then back into the chair.
One particular caregiver in attendance commented that the cost of the ResQUp would greatly outweigh the cost of a caregiver’s back surgery. I greatly appreciated those who attended my presentation, those who recognized the value of the ResQUp as a useful tool for exercise and floor recovery, and those who made purchases.
I wish I could attend every Parkinson’s Support Group in the country to demonstrate how the ResQUp may assist those with mobility limitations and those who are at risk of falling but don’t want to put their caregivers at risk of a lifting injury. If you can raise yourself up 4.5 inches, the ResQUp may be all you need to get back up to a seated position!