Welcome to ResQUp

For your safety, only use the ResQUp according to these directions to assist yourself up from the floor and into a seat or chair. Below you will find videos, instructions, and other details for ResQUp owners. The ResQUp should not be used if you have been injured in a fall.

About the ResQUp

  • The ResQUp was developed to help a person lift themselves from the floor to a seated or standing position.
  • For best results, we recommend you practice using the ResQUp so you can confidently get up from a fall.
  • The ResQUp does not require assistance from a caregiver, but you may want to have a helper nearby while you practice using the ResQUp and increasing upper-body strength.
  • Each level of the ResQUp is 4½ inches high. Regardless of the method used, some upper-body strength is required to lift yourself to the first level. If you cannot lift yourself to the first level, you may need assistance from a caregiver.
  • Most falls happen between the bedroom and bathroom. Store your ResQup where it will be readily accessible to you.

Which Method is Right for You?

Using Hands

  • Requires the most upper body strength and range of motion in shoulders
  • Moving backwards while facing forward
  • No twisting required
  • Best when using the ResQUp on a smooth, hard floor
  • Easy to rest partway up
  • Best for getting into narrow chairs with straight backs and moderate or no cushion.


  1. Back up to the first level of the ResQUp and place your hands slightly behind you on the padded grips.
  2. Push down with your hands and lift your bottom slightly, then use your legs to slide your bottom rearward onto the first level.
  3. Repeat this method to scoot up to each level in turn, and finally up into a chair or seat.
  4. Use your heels to fold up the device. You may now place your feet on the floor and stand from this position.

Using Elbows

  • Requires leg strength and some upper body strength
  • Requires some twisting
  • Avoids strain on the hands and wrists
  • Very stable
  • Easy to rest partway up
  • Best for getting into seats with thick cushions


  1. Approach the ResQUp with your body turned so your strongest side is toward the ground and closest to the device.
  2. Put your strong-side elbow on the top of the MIDDLE level near the center — not on the padded grips.
  3. Draw your feet closer to you, then press down through your elbow to raise your hips. You may want to put your free hand on the level in front of you to assist with this movement.
  4. Pushing with your legs, slide your bottom up onto the LOWER level.
  5. Move your elbow to the TOP level, draw your legs up again, and repeat the movement to slide your bottom onto the MIDDLE level.
  6. Move your elbow to the front edge of the seat you’re getting into and repeat the movement to get your bottom onto the TOP of the ResQUp.
  7. Shift your elbow to the back of the seat and slide your bottom up onto the seat.
  8. Rotate your body to sit back into the seat.

Using Hands & Feet

  • Requires the least upper body strength
  • Moving and facing forward
  • Puts pressure on the knees
  • Requires a 180° twist to get into seat at top
  • Best when the seat you’re getting into is relatively wide.


  1. Ensure the ResQUp is firmly braced against the seat you’re getting into.
  2. Approach the ResQUp on hands & knees.
  3. Place your hands on the padded grips at the edges of the LOWER level.
  4. Move your hands to the padded grips of the MIDDLE level and bring your knees up to the edge of the LOWER level.
  5. Shift your weight forward and bring one knee, then the other, on top of the LOWER level.
  6. Move your hands to the padded grips on the TOP level.
  7. Shift your weight forward and bring your knees up to the MIDDLE level.
  8. Put your hands on the base of the seat you are getting into.
  9. Shift your weight forward and bring your knees up to the TOP level.
  10. Move both of your hands slightly to one side.
  11. Lower your hips in the direction opposite your hands as you shift your weight toward the seat.
  12. Twist and transfer your weight to your bottom as it comes to rest on the seat.


If you have any questions about whether the ResQUp is an appropriate device for you to use, consult a physical/occupational therapist or qualified healthcare professional.
  • The ResQUp is for use ONLY after a non-traumatic fall! If you have pain or suspect injury, DO NOT use the ResQUp. Call 911 and seek medical assistance.

  • The ResQUp IS NOT to be used as a step stool.

  • The weight limit of the ResQUp is 350 lbs.

The ResQUp should NEVER be walked on for any reason!


At Home

The ResQUp, like other mobile lifts, should be cleaned regularly. Soap and water may be used for general cleaning. Sanitize surfaces with a bleach solution or disinfectant spray. Do NOT use citrus-based cleaners or alcohol-based sanitizers.

Medical Facilities

All surfaces on the ResQUp may be cleaned with medical-grade antiseptic soap and water. Low-level disinfectants such as a 1:100 dilution of bleach, disinfectant wipes, and quaternary ammonium germicidal detergents may also be used. Do not use strongly acidic or basic solutions, phenol-based disinfectants, or organic solvents on any part of the ResQUp.


The ResQUp product (the “Product”) is designed, and intended, only for aiding fallen persons, patients, healthcare providers and caregivers in clinical, assistive care and in-home settings. The person or entity buying the Product and/or using the Product, even if different from such buyer, (the “User”) shall use the Product only for such purposes. The User must ensure, and is solely responsible for ensuring, the proper and safe use of the Product. Use of the Product is at the sole risk and discretion of the User. The User acknowledges that rising from a fall is dangerous and may cause death, personal injury, or property damage.


Notify the company where you purchased the ResQUp for return instructions.


The ResQUp is warranted for materials and workmanship by Safe Patient Solutions, LLC, for 1 year following the date of purchase by the original purchaser.